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It's the most important meal of the day -- or so we've been told.

But science has tackled whether or not this is really true,

and the results have been...mixed.

One claim you've probably heard is that eating breakfast every day helps you lose

weight, and there's definitely evidence to support this.

At least, to a degree.

In 2017, the American Heart Association reviewed the science on the effects of different eating

patterns, searching databases for relevant studies and looking for big patterns in their


And they concluded that people who eat breakfast are less likely to be clinically obese.

So there you go!

But... a lot of the studies this was based on just asked people to report their breakfast

habits along with various other information about themselves.

Without experimental data, there could be lots of other factors at play — like, maybe

people who skip breakfast also tend to be less active, or to eat poorer diets overall.

When researchers actually do experiments, the benefits of breakfast become less clear.

For example, in 2016, researchers randomly assigned 23 people whose body mass indexes

were in the obese range to either eat breakfast or not for 6 weeks.

They didn't standardize exactly what the first group had to eat, but it had to be at

least 700 calories before 11AM.

Regardless, the researchers didn't find any difference between the two groups in their

weight change during that time.

And other studies have been kind of a mixed bag.

So it's hard to tell if breakfast has a guaranteed effect on weight one way or another,

despite what lots of diet websites like to say.

But hey, don't give up on breakfast just yet -- weight loss isn't the only potential


That same American Heart Association report found that people who ate breakfast were less

likely to have high cholesterol or high blood pressure or problems with their blood sugar.

Even that 2016 experiment found that the group assigned to eat breakfast had increased insulin

sensitivity at the end of the six weeks -- they needed less insulin in order to regulate their

blood sugar, which is a good thing.

Right now, why eating breakfast would have these effects isn't totally clear, but it's

possible that people who skip it end up indulging more later in the day, which can affect their


Outside of weight loss and general health, one place where breakfast also gets a lot

of emphasis is in schools.

School breakfast programs are popular because we hope that they'll help kids do better

academically -- but even for this, the evidence is mixed.

A 2009 review of studies of school breakfast programs found that they can have a positive

effect on academic performance, but that this may be partly just because they encourage

kids to actually show up.

And -- no surprise here -- the benefits of school breakfasts are greater for kids whose

overall nutrition is poorer.

Another group of researchers took a look at the evidence out there in 2013, and they concluded

that habitually eating breakfast did help children stay on task in school and improved

academic performance.

But again, they cautioned that other factors could be getting mixed up in this, like socio-economic

status -- kids who eat breakfast may also come from families that are better able to

provide for them overall.

Again, the problem is that a lot of these studies aren't experimental: They're just

comparing kids who already don't eat breakfast with those that do.

This limits how much they can actually tell us.

For example, a 2015 study in Great Britain had 292 kids between the ages of 11 and 13

fill out a questionnaire on their breakfast habits.

And they didn't find any relationship between kids' breakfast consumption and their scores

on a test of their cognitive reasoning ability.

Some actual experiments would help clear this up, but it's also not a great idea to deprive

kids of breakfast if they want to eat it, so for now, we'll have to work with what

we have.

Also, if you're wondering what this all means for adults -- whether breakfast improves

our performance at work -- well, sadly, this hasn't been studied very much.

Unlike schools, adults' workplaces generally aren't in the business of feeding them and

don't usually hand out easy-to-interpret test scores, so data is probably harder to

come by.

So what's the takeaway here?

If you're the kind of person who eats breakfast, chances are you're also already someone

who has the resources to take good care of yourself and eats well overall.

So just starting your day with a hearty breakfast if you don't already won't magically fix

everything that's wrong in your life.

But it definitely won't hurt you, either.

And it might even improve your health.

Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow!

Nutrition research is complicated, and there's a lot out there to figure out — like the

deal with sugar and fat.

Lots of people like to say how horrible one or the other is, but how do they actually

affect your health?

You can learn more in our episode all about it.


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University VS College - What's The Difference? Education Comparison - Duration: 7:18.

The term university appeared in Middle English between 1250 CE and 1300 CE.

It is older than the term college, which appeared 50 to 150 years later, but both of these words

have Latin origins.

College comes from the word collegium that means club, community, or society; and university

from the word universitas, which means guild, society or corporation.

In the US the name college and university are frequently interchangeable and simply

refer to a school at the tertiary level.

So what are the differences between the two?

That's what we'll be exploring in this episode of the Infographics Show: College

vs. University.

Though college and university are used interchangeably, there are differences between them.

A university is typically a school that offers full undergraduate and graduate programs,

while colleges generally offer more narrow programs and may have no graduate studies

at all.

But actually there are no official designations for these terms, and colleges and universities

can call themselves whatever they want to.

And the terminology can have different meanings depending what country you are in.

In the United Kingdom a university is an institution that award degrees, while colleges are seen

as pre-university education institutes as they prepare students to earn degrees later.

But again it's not set in stone and as a general rule; English speakers use the word

university as the generic term for higher education.

The same applies in Canada and Australia, where university is used more often than college

as the generic term.

But if we're looking at the US how can we better define these terms, university and


Let's start with looking more closely at what a college is.

Colleges are usually smaller institutions that emphasize undergraduate education.

One example of a type of college is a liberal arts college that offers students an education

in a broad range of academic areas as opposed to having them specialize early in one particular


Liberal arts colleges are uncommon outside the United States; so prospective international

students aren't always familiar with them.

Another type of school in the U.S. with college in its name is a community college.

These are two-year schools that grant associate degrees and career-related certificates.

Most colleges offer bachelor's degrees, and some colleges also have associate degrees.

Some students begin their education at a community college and then transfer to a four-year college

or university to complete a bachelor's degree.

So if that's a college, how does a university differ?

Many education institutions with university in their name are larger than colleges and

offer a variety of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Universities are also highly committed to producing research whereas it's much more

rare for college students to be a part of any substantial research.

But not all universities are big, says Chelsea Keeney, assistant director of international

student recruitment at the University of Minnesota.

Some are relatively small, such as Marymount California University, which had a total enrollment

of 985 students in fall 2016, according to US News data.

And though many universities are public, some are also private.

One example being the Ivy League school, Princeton University.

To make things even more confusing, some large universities are made up of smaller departments

called colleges.

Each of these colleges has a specific academic focus, such as business, social work, or engineering.

One of the clear differences seems to be that universities are often, though not always,

larger than colleges.

Taking data from the National Center for Education Statistics' College Navigator, let's do

some head to head comparisons on the number of students at these institutions, starting

with colleges.

McDaniel College (Westminster, MD), 3,003 total, 1,667 undergraduate; St Olaf College

(Northfield, MN), 3,046, all undergraduate; Ursinus College (Collegeville, PA), 1,643,

all undergraduate; Emerson College (Boston, MA) 4,479 total, 3,808 undergraduate.

And as for universities…Ohio State University (Main Campus only, Columbus, OH), 58,663 total,

45,289 undergraduate; University of South Florida (Main Campus only, Tampa, FL) 42,067

total, 31,111 undergraduate; Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN), 22,511

total, 20,140 undergraduate; Rutgers University (New Brunswick Campus) (New Brunswick, NJ),

49,428 total, 35,484 undergraduate.

Ok, so even the biggest colleges are no match for the enrollment numbers that large universities


For example, Ohio State has ten times more undergraduate students than Emerson, the biggest

college on the list.

And the University of Central Florida has a staggering 54,662 undergraduate students,

which is more than four times as many as the combined total student numbers of the four

colleges listed above.

To look at staffing at these education institutes, the head of a university is called the Vice-Chancellor.

For a college it's a Dean or Director.

Professors teach at both colleges and universities and the level of their pay varies depending

on several factors, such as the size and location of the college or university, the subject

taught, and whether the institution is private or public.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary of a Professor was

$75,430 annually as of May 2016.

The lowest-paid 10% of all Professors earn less than $38,290, while the highest-paid

10% are paid more than $168,270 per year.

The American Association of University Professors reports that the salary of full-time professors

at private colleges and universities averages $105,323, as compared to $103,019 for those

teaching at public colleges and universities.

And Professors working at four-year institutions, both private and public, earn higher salaries

than those employed at two-year schools.

Finally let's take a look at a college and university that are on each other's doorsteps;

Harvard College and Harvard University.

How do they compare?

Harvard College is actually the original Harvard.

It was founded in 1636 as the oldest institution of higher education in the United States.

There are about 6,500 undergraduate students at Harvard College with nearly equal numbers

of men and women.

But the college is part of Harvard University, which comprises 10 other graduate and professional


Although part of the same institution, each of these schools is run independently.

So they maintain independent admissions offices, teaching, and research faculties.

So the difference between college and university is far from clear.

In some cases they are part of the same institution but other times completely independent, and

typically a university is larger than a college and its professors are paid more.

Are there other differences worth mentioning, that we didn't highlight?

Let us know in the comments Also be sure to check out our other video, The Most Dangerous

Schools In America.

Thanks for watching and as always don't forget to like, share and subscribe.

See you next time!

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Spider Man Far From Home LEAK REVEALED?! Trailer With Venom RUMOURS? - Duration: 7:41.

what is good Youtube Warstu here with a

video on spider-man far from home which

is a sequel to home comment so and make

sure was described so sunk I wonder on

this channel is go over an old plot eek

from out three months ago about

spider-man homecoming because it'd be

interesting to see if any of it could

actually be true so let's get into it

take it with a pinch of salt though

before I get into it so it's set after

Avengers for Peter is revived okay

that's clearly gonna happen

it appears Tony Stark will indeed die

Peter will be worn in his death and the

plot revolves around something something

groundbreaking that Stark has created

which is stolen and spider-man must

retrieve okay we don't know about the

Iron Man Tony Stark dying part I can't

really see that happening but I could

see it happening um something

groundbreaking Stark is crate so we're

not gonna know that because from the

current set photos it's really hard to

make out what's going on to the point of

an actual focus plot point set mainly in

London okay they have been shooting a

lot in London Peters friends are there

for a conference okay they are there

sponsored by the Stark Industries MJ Liz

flash and art may return in yes well on

may there's a set photo of spider-man at

the airport hugging art may if you look

carefully and yes his friends are there

along the Midtown students staff from

homecoming Gweneth power trick is

supposedly set to appear in this movie

we're not seeing so far which is

interesting Mysterio is the main villain

okay Mysterio it's not confirmed but

reportedly Jake Gyllenhaal is playing

Mysterio although Kevin Feige did say

they are looking for him he's an

international thief and a master of

illusion who has stolen the star

creation at the be heist of a mystery

employer apparently there are plans to

include that include the fishbowl helmet

but he will not wear it throughout the

movie so yeah and this pic could be true

because we do know mysterious gonna mean

it Jessica drew is a mi6 operative Bruce

white pursuing Mysterio him who but

legend Lee teams up with spider-man to

stop him

she has no superpowers but is a combat

expert skill tactician

well we've not seen her yet now this

next bit is kind of interesting

Peter developed a rivalry with a new

student axis might a technology protege

who is determined to upstage him Smythe

has been lip t'v and try to turn Peters

friends against him his father Spencer

Smythe works for Stark Industries so

this guy's to be true there was a

character they casted or release in an

image that Tom Holland uploaded it could

be a variation of obviously Norman

Osborn's son

maybe that's the storyline that could be

going with it so I do think some of this

could be true vulture and scorpion will

appear in my roles scorpion is

apparently working for the same man who

hired Mysterio to steal the creation and

they attempt to get vulture to betray

spider-man's identity through them okay

we know vultures can appear in this

movie we know scorpions can appear in

this movie and it is rumored Lee that

vulture will not give spider-man's

identity up but it is rumored that they

are gonna try and get the identity album

so a good handful of this information

actually could be true Mysterio's

employee is apparently a major villain

from the comics and will promit be in a

spider-man movie going forward no word

of who he is yet but you will have a

minor appearance in this movie Marvel

and Sony I an A listers casting and

won't be officially announced supposed

to be a surprise twist so obviously we

know that build-up sister Nexus 6 and

this next bit says yes they are building

up so obviously someone's going to be in

charge with it I made a video the other

day about it being the Green Goblin

behind everything so this could actually

true the toy where is spider-man a field

trip although it's spider-man far from

home it literally is a field trip

they're out there with the school

friends it looks like they're on a

school trip a lot of this information is

actually true I can see a good 5060

percent that's been true based on set

photos it has mainly set in London we

know they're gonna go to Italy Prague

around Europe so a good handful of this

is actually true so it was a good guess

I mean if it was a leak they've got a

lot of the context truth but we don't

know if mr. Iron Man dies so something I

do want to address is the fact

there are rumors speculation already

starting about the spider-man far from

home trailer um now I don't know if you

guys actually know this but spider-man

far from home is only about ten weeks

into filming already now unless we're

going to make a trailer at Tom Holland

to Instagram stories which you could

actually put a little trailer together

this won't happen why won't it happen

because in this movie it's been

confirmed we've got Maria Hill

we've got Nick Fury of which both of

them turn to dust at the end of Avengers

3 being infinity war now I know they're

gonna have to advertise the Spider Man

being brought back to life but I don't

think they're going to advertise other

characters that could potentially be in

his movie there's rumor Doctor Strange

before like Captain Marvel trailer will

be coming this month no worries it will

be coming then The Avengers 4 trailer

called I believe Avengers 4 with the

called eternity will be coming in

November why war shoot because infinity

war trailer came then and they're gonna

replicate it the release date is

literally the same but I think earliest

we would get a spider-man far from home

trailer in December January because

comes out in July so usually it's five

to six months when you get it so I don't

really understand where this rumor this

leak is coming out they're gonna try and

touch it to venom now I know the

director of the venom movie is being

very misleading when asked about

spider-man being linked to the movie

saying I know I've seen the movie I

can't tell you I don't want to get in

trouble I don't know what I'm allowed to

say so I know they keep trying to attach

spider-man to the venom movie but come

on guys seriously spider-man far from

home trailer really they haven't even

finished principal photography

I mean Captain Marvel they've finished

it already Avengers four they've

finished it already the reshoots flying

atl atlanta this month i believe the

kind of the VFX specialist special

effects special effects guys are

currently getting ready to start

although they haven't officially started

and there's lots of wakandan scenes

gonna be shot they're setting up on the

bow scene so i presume because of how

well black panther was received they're

gonna include more black panther

potentially but guys don't expect this

bar from a

spider-man far from home trailing home

soon if you do Google spider-man far

from home trailer there's lots of fake

made-up trailers there which are fan

trailers which yeah okay to call but

they're not real trailers so you guys

let me know in the comments down comment

box down below do you think this leak

that everyone was talking about months

ago could actually be true because I a

man could die there might be this device

they're looking for spider-man might be

there to get it back

now this storyline if it is true I'd be

happy with it it sounds a pretty cool

storyline so guys let me know in the

comments down below when are you

expecting the Captain Marvel trailer the

Avengers 4 trailer and also please don't

tell me that you think spider-man far

from the home trailer is going to be

linked to venom venom comes out

literally in 6 weeks

October the 9th I think first week of

October first week of September and not

expecting any spider-man trailer inside

the venom movie so like always guys

please like subscribe and comment and I

will catch you in another video very

soon catch ya later

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Does this missing child even exist? - Reported Missing - BBC - Duration: 5:38.

Tyler's father John has been involved in an access battle

ever since his former partner Tracey

stopped allowing him to see his son two years ago.

PC's are dispatched to Tracey's last known address.

We're looking for any evidence the child exists at that address.

So clothes, drawings, pictures, toys that sort of stuff.

There's nothing here.

Dad hasn't seen his son for two years.

nobody's seen the child so that is the focus of the investigation.

The threat is that there's some harm come to the child.

We need to see him.

We need to see that child safe and well.

So, you went to her place of work?

She comes down in the lift, a bit nervous looking.

I just put that down to the fact that she was told

the police were waiting for her in the foyer.

Spoke to her, she has no knowledge at all about Tyler or this ex-husband or ex-parter.

No knowledge whatsoever.

She claims that she's not that person.

I had the incident on my tablet and I show her bits of what's reported and she just totally

denies everything and says "that's not me".

Then, we come to the conclusion together that we've got the wrong person.

So she's denied even knowing-

She said she didn't know anything about Tyler.

She's never heard of a Tyler and she doesn't

know anything about the names that I read off the job.

Despite her denial, a search of records reveals court custody

documents relating to a Tracey Hardy on Byron Street.

He's sent us this hasn't he?

That was when I spoke to him on the phone, he sent that picture.

Tracey's there on this photograph and he's lying on the floor with Tyler on his back.

They all look happy.

They're all together in one place.

Her story is: I don't know who you're talking about, sorry.

That's the most bizzarre thing anybody could ever say.

That's whats standing out to me.

I've been in the police now for 17 years and I've never known a mother of a child say

"I haven't got a child".

Tracey's come to Macclesfield police station.

She's agreed to give a voluntary interview to detectives.

What's she saying then?

Is she absolutely adamant?


She's still adamant that...

There's no child, there's never been a child.

He's mad and he's making it all up.



I folded the picture in half and showed it to her and said can you confirm thats you?


Right, who's that?

That's John my ex-partner.

You agree that that's your ex-partner.

Where are you?

That's at his sisters address.

Ok, now explain who's that.

What did she say?

Can't remember.

I was drinking a lot at the time.

It could have been one of his relatives.

She said the relationship would have ended about 2012.

He ended the relationship by text message.

The had some contact a few weeks afterwards, mainly abusive between the two of them.


She said he then would be sat outside her address in his car.

Didn't approach her, didn't speak to her.

She just said it was weird and in her words "Just more of his weird behaviour" and then

after a couple of months it just stopped.

So the child was born in 2012, but since then there is absolutely nothing in relation to

a young child that's there.

We've never met the child have we?


Nobody has by the sounds of it.

What does that lead you to believe then?

That there's no child.

For more infomation >> Does this missing child even exist? - Reported Missing - BBC - Duration: 5:38.


The Main Story of Zuldazar - Battle for Azeroth [Lore] - Duration: 24:26.

Hello everyone!

The Horde sets sail to Zandalar together with Princess Talanji and Prophet Zul after they

busted them out of the stockades.

At this point in time, I don't believe they've explained how Zul and Talanji ended up together,

but we do know that Talanji sought the aid of the Horde.

Her father has ruled their kingdom for 200 years now, empowered by their loa rezan, and

she believes that he has lost sight of the threats that surround him.

His Zanchuli counchil, those that are supposed to advise him, whisper poison in his ears

and it will be up to us to uncover if she's right and what is going on.

For the sake of making it easier to explain the main story in this zone, I'm just going

to let you in on the big secret reveal.

Prophet Zul is up to nooooo good.


I hear you say.

This guy?!

This guy looks like a trust worthy individual, but it's the truth.

Still at this point we have no idea and in order of King Rastakan, we're send out to

help the propet at Tal'gurub to deal with a mess of his own making.

"You made this mess, my prophet.

Now go clean it up."

"As you will it.

Only...I have forseen that Vol'jamba will not die by my hand."

"Then take our new speaker with you and be done with it."

"Ahhh yes.

They have proven themselves usefull."

One of Zul's pupils, a witch doctor by the name of Vol'jamba, has taken the Gurubashi

enclave as his own and ousted their guards.

We need to reclaim the area which offers the perfect oppertunity to give us a little taste

of Zul's power.

He's able to predict exactly what goes down and when it does, information he's willing

to share with us while we go around Tal'Gurub cleaning up the mess.

"Call of your dog, Zul.

You are making a mistake!"

"Visions or not, you wasted Rastakhan's patience.

There are consequences, boy."

Vol'jamba thinks his Sight has surpassed that of Zul and tries to convince us of the

visions he has seen.

"I am feeling generous.

I will hear you out.

MY friend here however..."

"The visions goes like this: Golden sails mark the final coming.

THe manipulator seeks to break the seal."

"Get away!

Do not touch it!"

"This is important!


Buffeted by a current of lies, the high throne will be unmoved.

It, too, will be crushed beneath the wheel."

"Wait!" "Loa above!

Just let me finish!

Shadows twist the strings of fate, bending the empire to its will.

In the end, even the great king will be made to kneel."

"Meddling insect!

There is a special place on the Other side for you!"

"Betrayel, the doom of an empire, and a threat against the king.

Now that is a properly dramatic prophecy"

Zul makes it a point to remind us that what ever his student might say, he is desperate

to save himself.

His truth is distorted by fear and his visions are incomplete.

That does not mean there's no truth to the words as we know that Zul, somewhere, somehow,

got in league with the artificially created old god G'huun.

This being was created by the titan keepers as they were searching for a cure to the old

gods corruption.

To contain it they created 3 seals, one in nazmir, one in voldun and 1 still turning

within Zuldazar.

That's Zul's mission, to break that final seal, the highthrone will be unmoved and crushed

beneath the wheel.

Shadows twist the strings of fate, bending the empire to its will.

In the end, even the great king will be made to kneel.

In this moment we go liberate the gurubashi mindslaves, take care of zuvembi brewer zekal

and get ready to confront the student that can see the future.

"Take the seal I have given you and stamp it on the gong.

His minions will try to stop you.

Stay alert."

"Now set the urn near the archway."


On second though...move it a little to the left."


Now switch out one of VOl'jamba's potions with de one I gave you.

It will be the first one yo uset your eyes on.

No second guessting it, now."

"Come here.

It is time."

"I tire of this game.

You delivered your message.

Now it's time ot face your fate."

"We both know I will not die by your hand.

You cannot stop me."

"YOu are right.

I will not.

But my friend will."

"You are not ahead of me old mon!

It is you who will die here!"

Fight fight fight "My chosen!

YOur master needs you.

BOING" "Get away!

I command you!"

"You are strong...but my Sight is stronger!"

"Dis...dis isn't happening!"


I will not die here!

It is not my time!"

"How did he...know..."

"A pity I was not able to teach him the most important lesson of all.

You must plan even for the futures you have not seen."

"Let old Rastakhan know I will return in my own time.

Oh, and thanks for all your help."

Zul was able to predict every move of the encounter and his students spirit ends up

in an urn.

The kings will have been carried out and this false prophet is no more.

It might be wise to share Vol'jamba's prophecy with the king, but Zul cannot say

if it will change anything at all.

"All is as my prophet said.

PErhaps now you can see why i keep him at my side."

In order of the king, we're doing zul's dirty work and not just once either as in

the harbor we have Zolani blade of the king, one actually loyal to Rastakhan talking with

Yazma and Vol'kaal who are in league with zul.

"Do not concern yourself with a few petty crimes.

We have far more important matters to adress."

Talanji has convinced the king to permit outsiders in their port.

For the first time in centuries, they have allowed non trolls to set foot on their shores

and peddle their wares.

And now trolls of lesser tribes seem to think they can take advantage of these merchance.

While Zolani investigates why the merchants are not protected, we go through the bazaar

and slay any thugs we can find.

Here in the port we discover that some trolls are actually practicing blood magic, a small

taste of what's waiting for us in Nazmir and a small taste of how far zul's influence

is spreading.

Other troll tribes, amani, gurubashi, sandfury, even a dark troll can be found in the area,

they've set up camp in the harbor.

We see them represented despite getting their asses kicked time and time again.

Like the time around the cataclysm where prophet zul went around uniting the trolls tribes

to try and regain the glory of their former empire or the time in mists of pandaria where

they allied themselves with the mogu and the thunderking.

Prophet Zul was part of the ritual that resurrected lei-shen the thunder king in order to try

and claim the land of pandaria as they believed the cataclysm had destroyed their lands.

Zul had seen this in his visions and athough the cataclysm definatly did some damage to

their lands, Nazmir for example was turned into a swamp, it wasn't as catastrophic

as zul thought it was going to be.

This is also mentioned by Dockmaster cobo as we go around spreading the Word of Zul.

Faithful servant.

I have returned, as promised.

The time has come to recall our brothers and sisters that sailed with me into exile during

the Cataclysm.

The time has come to once again unite the Zandalari under a single banner.

You each have your tasks, see to them.

Your prophet, Zul.

Oh, and as for you hero, know that I forsaw you reading this.

We learned from lorewalker cho during mists of pandaria that zul's visions of the cataclysm

eventually earned him a fleet from Rastakhan too which he set out to unite the troll tribes.

It's interesting that he mentions being exiled as in a later quest Talanji lets us

know that at de time, Zul's visions of a grand troll empire was very tempting to her


This suggests that he was in on Zul's plans and like Cho told us, gave him the fleet,

so I wonder when exactly he was exiled.

Doomsayer Volkini mentions that it was years ago that he returned from exile with their

fleet so there's definatly a story to be told there, also to explain how he got to

hang out with Talanji and came into contact with G'huun and even Queen azshara.

A small side quest involving the loa shark Gral makes mention of a dark soul that has

infiltrated the zanchuli council seeking an accord with queen azshara.

Her motives are hidden behind a vast darkness, but we do know that she's in league with

the old god n'zoth.

Someway, somehow she and zul are working together.

2018-08-26 16-43-06

Still quite a bit of story to be told, but right now, by spreading the word of zul we're

shooting ourselves in the foot.

Nokali the Scarred, master of messages has been saving a messenger beast ever since the

thunder king rose.

It would seems its day has finally arived as Nalu'kana is send out with a message.

"My king, you are in great peril.

I see encoaching enemies claming the throne for themselves.

They near Warport Rastari as I speak.

We should retreat to Zanchul while it is still an option."

"Habutu, Zolani, take the speaker of the horde and ensure the warport is safe.

Today is not the final day of my reign."

It's not hard to predict the future when you manipulate like Zul does.

Our messenger bird has let the Mogu, now allies of Zul know that the is right to attack.

They've infiltrated the port and while we join Bladeguard Habutu and Zolani, do our

best to kick the invaders out, rally the defenders and fight all the way to the mogu warship,

this is exactly what zul wanted.

"I had hoped for a greater challenge."

Vilnak'DOr and Warlord Kao, 2 characters from the novel shadows of the horde brag about

how rastakhans end is upon us and we're at the dawn of the birth of a new troll empire.

"NO matter cough cough.

Your kings end comes."

"I envy you...witnessing the birth of a new troll empire first hand.

A pity rastakhan will not experience the same pleasure."

Cutscene: Rastakhan zul and brute walk up the stairs.

Habutu is stabbed 'No!



Seize her!"

STAB You should have listened to Talanji.

You have grown stagnant old friend.

YOu let our kingdom rot and decay.

But i have foreseen the troll empire rising again.

No more treaties with outsiders...No more bargains with loa.

Blood is our path now...

The path of G"HUUN!

Ow snap LOA to the rescue!

PAKU takes the king outta here Should we go after them?


In time, they will come to us.

Zul plays his hand.

Are you shocked and surprised?

I know I am!

We were able to save the king, something about planning for the futures you have not seen,

but with Zul's plans out in the open, all hell breaks lose.

The king needs to be healed, not just his body but also his soul.

Bwonsamdi has been longing to claim it for a very long time, yet Rastakhan is still favored

by Rezzan who's not done with him quite yet.

"The little king will rise.

I am not finished with him."


"Ya got a bellow dat would wake da dead!

What ya want, man?"

"You have taken what is mine.

Release him."

"Long time, ya been keepin' dis one from me.

Long, long time.

I'll be denied no further."

"Know your place, loa of graves.

Or I will put you in one."

"Comes a time when we all gotta die...even kings.

But I be feelin' generous.

Take ya little friend.

I'll be seeing you in good time."

Picks up spirit "Restore his spirit to his body.

My priests call me back to my temple.

Send Rastakhan to me when he finds his teeth again."

Rastakhan will not be dancing with Bwonsamdi quite yet as we restore his spirit to his


Zul has send forces out after us which we take care of and on board of Rastakhans ship

we find Chronicler To'kini, a zandalari we saw all the way back during Wrath of the

Lich King.

He was there when the drakari performed their dark ancient rituals of devouring their loa

and taking in their powers to hold their ground against the lich king.

They made him tell them how exactly the Drakkari did it which means Zuls forces know how to

take the powers of a loa for themselves.

"That snake" Rumble rumble rumble

"My loa cries out!

Zul's heresy knows no limits!

Zolani my blade, we must defend the temple.


Information they're putting to good use at the Temple of Rezan where they're trying

to devour Rezan himself.

The king finds his teeth again as we unleash his wrath upon zuls followers and join him

in the battle against Vilnak'dor.

"Zul foretold yout coming.

All proceeds as he predicted."

"The fiend hides behind Rezan's power!

I will steal it back from him!"

"You are weak without the loa!

Finish him!"

"I have part..."

"Great one, are you still breathing?

LEt me release you from these chains."

"come, little king.

Let us bring ruin upon these heretics!"


Rezan is teaching them to respect a loa's might.

Come and see!"

REZAN SMASH SOME MORE "Hahahaha, such is the fate of those who

defy the great king!"

REZAN SMASH ALL 'He is an...enthusiastic predator."

"Rastakhan, your enemies test your borders."

"YOur council challenges your authority.

YOur friends try to take your life.

There is blood in the waters now.

It is time to ask yourself...are you king, or are you prey?"

"I have grown soft.

Many have tried to warn own daughter among them.

I did not listen.

But I swear to you, and to this champion of the Horde, that I will not rest until I have

Zul's head.

Rezan is saved but the threat of Zul is far from over.

Back in the city we find his followers out in force, all those that believe Rastakhan

is not the right person to lead them and G'huun is their true god.

Not even the loa are safe as we discover in the garden of the loa.

Yazma and Vol'kaal have set their eyes on devouring Shadra the Venom Queen.


Dispose of dese invaders while I deal with Shadra."

"You are too late.

The bood of the loa has been spilled!"

"Die Shadra.

Die forever!

By the old ways, I claim your power as my own!"


If I had the time I would crush you to what you did to Vol'kaal.

Once I harness these new powers you shall witness this empire's fall."

Shadra was not so forturnate as Rezan and Yazma holds her powers.

Slaying Volkaal won't do much as Yazma will use her new found powers to reanimate his

corpse, but atleast for the moment he's out of our way.

Things are pretty dire though.

Loa and Zandalari alike are feeling the wrath of Zul, yet not all have given up hope quite


We rally those few still loyal and make ready to hunt the one who has forseen the future...

"Come hero.

For this you will want to hold on tight!"

"Brothers and sisters of Zandalar, the time has come to cut off the heads of these tratiors

who have sworm themselves to zul.

Gonk, loa of the hunt, lead your followers to the temple of the prophet and slay any

foes you find.

Flush our enemies out into the open.

Pa'ku, loa of the winds, take to the skies and seek out the heretics.

DIvine their goals and meet us at the temple.

Rezan, haha, lets go hunting!

For Zandalar!"

Our army marches on the temple of the prophet where we bring ruin to his forces and also

read the world of zul, the word he has spread amongst his followers.

Not only does he serve G'huun, he also believes that Rastakhan and Rezan are useless to them

and need to be replaced.

High atop Mount Mugamba is an ancient city called Atal'Dazer, the sacred resting place

of dead kings.

There they will find a true king to lead them, Dazar, he who was first.

With the power Zul wields, they will return him to his seat of glory as king of Zandalari.

Not just as any old king as Zul's travels to pandaria have thought him not only how

to resurrect ancient kings, like Lei- shen the Thunderking, but also how to control them.

The final word of zul mentions how he saw the Drakkari fall to the might of the undead

scourge and as they fell, they consumed their gods in near forgotten rituals, stealing untold

amounts of power to be used for their own purposes.

He has learned much in his travels and has had a lot of time to plan this coup.

Lets see if we can snuff it out by charging into Atal'Dazar and confront the dark prophet.

Rezan roars and opens the way zuls forces are doing the fighting thing,

rezan is in a bit of a hurry.


Your visions had best be right about this.


YOu trrespass upon sacred ground.

Ah, he arives.

The loa of...Hmm...

What do we call you now?

Mind your tongue, traitor.

Rezan, Rezan...Do you not understand?

I am not your subject.

And you have no place among kinds.



The time of the loa is done.

ZOMBIES The hour of blood approaches.

ROAAAAAAAAAAAAR "Rezan...he...he is gone...That thing is

not a loa."

I feel like sombody has ripped the very soul from my body.

Time to leave.


Live to fight another day."

Get Rastakhan to safety, Run run as fast we can .

"Charge brothers and sisters.

Stop for nothing!"

It's not easy trying to fight against a foe that can predict the future.

Rezan walked right into the trap, empowering zuls plans of resurrection and greatly weakening

king rastakhan.

Soon old bwonsamdi will come calling so we must defeat Zul before that happens.

The king has followed a god of strength, and yet he does not have the strength to face

her with his shame.

He asks of us to inform her of what happened, yet despite his weakened state, he will follow

zul while we have to enter atal'dazar and take care of yazma.

She's trying to buy time and keep us away from the tomb of kings, but that will be a

story for another day.

For now we can't really say that our adventures in Zuldazar was quite the victory we had hoped


Zul is a craft adversary, yet at the same time we have begun proving our worth to the

Zandalari and hopefully soon enough we'll turn them into our allies.

Zul and G'huun are threats waiting to be explored, I can't wait for Uldir to open

up this week but for now thank you very much for watching everyone.

At this point we can choose to go into either Nazmir or Vol'dun, let me know in the comments

which one you'd like to explore first.

Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one aaaaaaand until next

time guys....see ya!

For more infomation >> The Main Story of Zuldazar - Battle for Azeroth [Lore] - Duration: 24:26.


O FIM DA DITADURA │ História do Brasil - Duration: 6:48.

For more infomation >> O FIM DA DITADURA │ História do Brasil - Duration: 6:48.


Exploring Federalist 51: Legislative Power - Duration: 3:13.

Who should exercise lawmaking power in a constitutional republic?

The Framers in the Constitutional Convention knew, that of all the powers of government

they could bestow, the most significant was the power to make laws.

James Madison wrote in Federalist 51 that "in republican government, the legislative

authority necessarily predominates."

While the three branches of government check each other, they are not created equal.

The Framers wrote the Constitution in order of importance, beginning with the structure

and powers of Congress.

Article I reads: "ALL Legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress

of the United States."

The Framers could have divided the legislative power among the branches.

After all, in other countries, kings were free to proclaim laws as well as execute them.

But the United States broke precedent by vesting all federal legislative power in Congress.

So the Framers were intentional about giving Congress the greatest responsibilities.

But they weren't naive.

As Madison famously said, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary."

Article I reflects this concern, creating structural safeguards to keep Congress in


The Framers believed, that of all the branches, Congress would best represent "We the People"

and their diverse interests.

At the same time, they knew legislatures tended to expand their own power.

The Framers responded by dividing Congress's power between the House and the Senate.

"Ambition must be made to counteract ambition."

Until the ratification of the 17th Amendment, members of the House were chosen by the people

directly, and members of the Senate were elected by state legislatures.

This way, the states restrained the national government, and the two houses restrained

each other.

Theoretically, Congress would only be able to pass laws that preserved the balance of

power and that benefited the whole nation.

The Framers also limited Congress's powers in Article I, Section 8, which gives Congress

specific, enumerated functions.

All other powers remained with the states and the people.

Above all, it was critical to the Framers that the body of lawmakers be accountable

to the people.

Madison argued, "A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government."

Does the modern Congress predominate the other branches?

Has the responsibility for lawmaking changed over the years?

Has the Congress retained all lawmaking authority?

For more infomation >> Exploring Federalist 51: Legislative Power - Duration: 3:13.


★ Маленькая свинка сбежала с бойни, чтобы стать королевой ранчо - Duration: 2:47.

For more infomation >> ★ Маленькая свинка сбежала с бойни, чтобы стать королевой ранчо - Duration: 2:47.


NUEVA SKIN COMODÍN, NUEVO GANCHO y MODO DE JUEGO! Fortnite Battle Royale [BySixx] - Duration: 10:16.

For more infomation >> NUEVA SKIN COMODÍN, NUEVO GANCHO y MODO DE JUEGO! Fortnite Battle Royale [BySixx] - Duration: 10:16.


WHY THE GERMAN LANGUAGE IS SO HARD TO LEARN!! (The struggle is real) - Duration: 7:53.

Hello people welcome to a new video! I'm Joss and I'm all alone because

I wanted to talk to you today. I have been learning German for three years and

I find it so difficult, it makes no sense to me, many things make no sense to me and it is so annoying ..

i can not stand it anymore i feel so tired

when I speak in German

but it is also great if I can speak in German and others

think, "she's so smart"

I know that many of you speak German

or you come from germany or ... something?

And I want to talk to you today about things that do not make sense to me

number one why is everything so

difficult? I do not know where to start

there are so many things

I had so many problems with "being" and

"have" from the beginning. now it is a bit better

but it definitely does

no make sense in my head. on English

I would say: I have driven. but in

German you have to say: I drove. Why?

why should I say: I am driven? it's so difficult

I drove, I flew

I arrived. but then I have to say

I have looked

I have eaten, I have learned

why is not there simply "have" and

then it would be less stress for everyone

the word "because". because it is not that difficult

... but it's a bit difficult

because I have to have the verb in the end.

did you see? in English I would not say:

I do this video because German so annoying is.

in English that does not make sense, in English this would be:

I make this video because English so annoying is.

why is everything so difficult?

it is also more difficult because the Germans also say it wrong

I have heard many Germans, Janik too, who say

i do this video because german is so difficult

why did we learn that when the Germans do not use it?

use it!!

the next one is my big problem with german

the the and the (makes sense in German)

why are there so many articles? I know there are many rules but many words are irregular

and then I do not know exactly, what should I say? The, the or the?

I do not know what to use

maybe in this video I have already said many things badly,

because I do not know "the or the"

the problem comes when you want to say a proper sentence

for example: the man whose camera is on the floor. You must know:

the or the man? The or the camera

the or the ground?

the man, the camera, the ground

you have to say: the man whose camera ...(confused with German declinations)

because that's it? No, the man, the camera ... "Confusion"

The man whose camera lays on the ground! Janik is here ..

he always looks if I say something wrong ...

if you do not know if it's the the or the, it's all just wrong ..!

why should I even try? I do not know if it's "the the or the", so my dativ is bad

my genitive is bad, my accusative is bad

dessen or deren is bad ... everything is bad, if you do not know ...

why are there so many declinations at all?

in English there is nothing, in English there is only "the"

it is so easy. I know that in Spanish we have "la" or "el"

but we have no accusative, dativ, blah blah blah

There are words that I like, because they are so direct.

I do not know if direct is German, but I say direct.

for example: gloves: hand shoes! that makes sense! gloves

Umbrella - is that how you say it?

but you also have to be careful

for example when I say I am

Failed that means I have the

failed a test. but when I say

I have failed

that means I have big diarrhea!

diarrhea and fail

ok be careful people

we also have: today, tomorrow and yesterday. all right!

no problem. and we can say

the day before yesterday! that makes perfect sense. The day before yesterday: the day before yesterday

but why can not I say: the day after tomorrow?

why should I say: overtomorrow? Why? - Why is the banana crooked?

you also really have to learn the articles because

if you say, for example: the otter: that's this one here ...

and the otter is this ...

not the same. but the same word

why is there not another word for these things

great .. in Germany there are trains and trains

in the city go the trains. But outside the city go the trains

But there is a company called Deutsche Bahn.

and they have many trains

why is it not called german trains?

why german train? and why are not all trains called trains?

why are there trains and trains? Everything is trains ..

or trains ..

In the beginning I had so many problems with capital letters.

you have to write all the nouns ... in big letters

Why? does it make a difference or not, what is going on?

I write all nouns in capital letters, but now I do it in English and in Spanish

and I can not write normally .. German is in my head!

do you have the same problem? Please let me know here

in this box under the video .. - the video .. - under the video, great!

I do not know, I wanted to have a bit of rant-time,

because I'm so annoyed with German, there are always many things to learn

in this language that is so beautiful but difficult

Thanks for watching my video, if you liked this video, then please give me a finger ... thing

you can be a subscriber

and please share this video with your friends

and yes, see you next week

or bye bye until next time.

For more infomation >> WHY THE GERMAN LANGUAGE IS SO HARD TO LEARN!! (The struggle is real) - Duration: 7:53.


The story of a teenager discovering his gender identity 13 (Multiple subs) - Duration: 3:38.

How was your first day like Juan Salinas?

how it was?



Yes, it was great

I come to tell you that I already have my new ID

with my name


I wanted to ask you if we can change the school attendance lists

Yes, of course, that's what the law says



I'm Zaida, what's your name?



The music is good, do we dance?

No, I'm very bad dancing

You have skin like a baby

What happens? You're a wo..

It's too late

because tomorrow I have a long day

Well... bye


A girl approached me and we started talking

Yes? and?

Everything was fine...

Until she noticed that I didn't ...

What? ... that she discovered your condition ..

and that? did you stay quiet? what happened?

I didn't know how to explain it to her

I don't know whether to tell her or not

Then I left and that's it


How cool! I've always wanted to ride skateboard but I don't have balance

hahah It's not as hard as it looks

I'll have to prove it

You can teach me


I don't know ... we're friends

and how do you feel about that?

I'm trying to meet other girls

That's fine, it's very good

What happens is that I don't know how to do it

I would tell you that above all you have to be yourself

And above all, if you really love, you don't have to give up...never

Do you understand, son? never give up

You make me cry, You make me cry

Can't you get Emma out of your head?

We get along, we have good vibes ... we have stayed as friends

Come on, let's go to the skate park and show me your talent

how much pressure! hehe

Hello what's up?Hello


is everything alright?

Fine and you?


What happens?

I don't even think she knows what she wants

And I understand her ... I don't know, she's confused

But I dont want to be in that place anymore

Hey, I was talking to a girl

Her name is Sofia

She is cool

The point is that she wants us to meet

and I don't know what to do?

What are you two doing? is everything alright?

Well ... this guy gets shy when a girl talks to him

All right, thanks for telling everything, great

But it's true, you just said it

close your mouth

No...everything is alright

You told me, what do you want me to say?

No problem, you can tell me

I go to the classroom a moment to look for something

This was all that happened this week. In the description you have some full scenes of this summary

For more infomation >> The story of a teenager discovering his gender identity 13 (Multiple subs) - Duration: 3:38.


Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 - Duration: 10:47.

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Muḥarram (Arabic: مُحَرَّم‎ muḥarram) is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year.[1] It is held to be the holiest month, Ramadan coming after. The word "Muharram" means "forbidden". Since the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Gregorian calendar. Muharram Ke Roze Ki Fazilat In Urdu By Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai 2018 Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 The tenth day of Muharram is known as the Day of Ashura, part of the Mourning of Muharram for Shia Muslims and a day of fasting for Sunni Muslims. The practice of fasting during Ashura stems from the hadith[2] that Musa (Moses) and his people obtained a victory over the Egyptian Pharaoh on the 10th day of Muharram; accordingly Muhammad asked Muslims to fast on this day and on the day prior, the Day of Tasu'a.Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Shia Muslims mourn the death of Imam Hussein and his family, respecting the sacrifice of the martyrs by praying in abundance and refraining from all joyous events. However, unlike Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims do not fast on the 10th day of Muharram.[3] In addition there is an important Ziyarat book, the Ziyarat Ashura about Hussein ibn Ali. In the Shia sect it is popular to read this ziyarat on this date. Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Muharram and Ashura With the sighting of the new moon, the Islamic New Year is ushered in. The first month, Muharram, is one of the four sacred months that Allah has mentioned in the Quran: Muharram, Rajab, Dhu al-Qi'dah, and Dhu al-Hijjah. Even before Islam came, Quraish and Arabs as a whole knew the sanctity of the months and were forbidden to wage war on those months. Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Muharram is a month of remembrance and modern Shia meditation that is often considered synonymous with Ashura. Ashura, which literally means the "Tenth" in Arabic, refers to the tenth day of Muharram. It is well-known because of historical significance and mourning for the murder of Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad.[5] Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 Shiite begin mourning from the first night of Muharram and continue for ten nights, climaxing on the 10th of Muharram, known as the Day of Ashura. The last few days up until and including the Day of Ashura are the most important because these were the days in which Imam Hussein and his family and followers (including women, children and elderly people) were deprived of water from the 7th onward and on the 10th, Imam Hussain and 72 of his followers were killed by the army of Yazid I at the Battle of Karbala on Yazid's orders. The surviving members of Imam Hussein's family and those of his followers were taken captive, marched to Damascus, and imprisoned there. Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 muharram fasting 2018 dua#1 muharram fasting ashura 2018 dua#1 ashura muharram fasting 2018#3 importance of fasting muharram 2018 Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018

For more infomation >> Muharram Bayan Hasan Hussain Waqia by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2018 - Duration: 10:47.



For more infomation >> MY MOM DOES MY MAKEUP | CIAO BELLA - Duration: 9:12.





Darkside - Alan Walker | Fingerstyle Guitar Cover (TAB) - Duration: 2:02.

We're not in love

We share no stories

Just something in your eyes

Don't be afraid

The shadows know me

Let's leave the world behind

Take me through the night Fall into the dark side

We don't need the light We'll live on the dark side

I see it Let's feel it

While we're still young and fearless

Let go of the light Fall in to the dark side

Fall in to the dark side

Give into the dark side

Let go of the light

Fall in to the dark side

Beneath the sky As black as diamonds

We're running out of time

Take me through the night Fall into the dark side

We don't need the light We'll live on the dark side

I see it Let's feel it

For more infomation >> Darkside - Alan Walker | Fingerstyle Guitar Cover (TAB) - Duration: 2:02.


'Exemplary' - Redknapp gushes over £120K-a-wk Liverpool player topping all charts | LFC News - Duration: 2:16.

The Merseysiders have won all four of their league fixtures to sit atop of the division,

although they are ahead of Chelsea and Watford only on goal difference.

Former Liverpool midfielder and high-profile pundit Redknapp has singled out Milner as

one player who has been integral to the team's 100 per cent start to the campaign.

"It was great to see James Milner equal David Beckham's tally of 80 assists in the

Premier League," Redknapp told the Mail.

"James is an exemplary professional who is incredibly fit.

"Despite the arrivals at Liverpool of Naby Keita and Fabinho, Milner has started all

four games this season.

It shows just how much Jurgen Klopp values his contribution.

"After every match for Liverpool he is near the top of the charts for distance run and

was their most creative player in the Champions League last season.

He is playing better than ever."

Little wonder there is such love for 'Millie', the jack of all trades who has become a surprise

master of central midfield either side of the summer.

The first choice left-back of two seasons ago was expected to slip down the pecking

order following the mega-money summer signings of Fabinho and Naby Keita, but that has not

been the case.

Milner has been central to Liverpool's 100 per cent start to the season, and Jurgen Klopp

feels he can't do without the player topping all charts for distance covered, assist making

and creativity.

It was telling that the former England international started ahead of Keita and Fabinho against

Leicester on Saturday, and that it was Jordan Henderson who was subbed as Klopp looked to

close out the game.

Liverpool, in truth, were ragged and lacked any fluency, but Milner exemplified the team's

grit and spirit.

The £120,000-a-week fringe man has become the main man.

For more infomation >> 'Exemplary' - Redknapp gushes over £120K-a-wk Liverpool player topping all charts | LFC News - Duration: 2:16.


This Smart Dog Is An Expert At Playing "Speed Cup Game" | Kritter Klub - Duration: 1:47.


Second round?

All in

Again! Correct!

Wanna play "Speed cups"?

Genius dog Remi

Competing with human

Remi's pick

Not in here

Remi, how are you so good at this?

Vet: It has a good ability of seeing things that move

What about other dogs?

I'm getting dizzy

Only Remi is good at it because it has dynamic visual acuity and good concentration

A competition between a magician

Find this~

You can't trick my eyes

All in


You're a pro!

How did Remi start playing this game?

Owner: I was watching a movie and there was a scene playing this game

That's when Remi started to show interest

Even does a performance in front of audience

Go ahead and mix those cups

For more infomation >> This Smart Dog Is An Expert At Playing "Speed Cup Game" | Kritter Klub - Duration: 1:47.


York Redoubt Tour - My Halifax - Things To Do In Halifax - Duration: 6:24.

For more infomation >> York Redoubt Tour - My Halifax - Things To Do In Halifax - Duration: 6:24.


Reynah Tang - Recognising Internal Values in Leadership - Duration: 1:29.

(upbeat music)

- Do you think there's an outlook of self-doubt,

that's why they're not pushing that?

- I think would be less about self-doubt,

but certainly I know,

for those who are from a Chinese background,

if you've grown up in an environment of Confucian values,

that's about respecting your elders,

so you're not challenging them,

not speaking up, waiting for your turn to speak.

So you might miss out on opportunities

to show your expertise in that situation

if you're gonna wait and sit and wait.

At the same time I think we in a way have,

we've in Australia have some research

by the Diversity Council shows

that we have a sort of Westernised models of leadership,

which I suppose encourage self-promotion.

So that may not be necessarily compatible

with people's internal values.

So I think firms can actually be doing things

to work out, to recognise that there can be other models

of leadership, that don't necessarily

always stick to the Westernised models.

(upbeat music)

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